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Breitbart-London by Nick Hallett

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that people have overreacted to Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims, and it would be absurd to ban him from entering the UK.

Speaking on radio station LBC this morning, Mr Farage said any ban on the Republican frontrunner entering the UK would be ludicrous is now “part of the democratic process of the West” and “could be the next President of America.”

Those who have signed a petition calling for the UK to ban Mr Trump, he said, are “the same group of people who it seems want to ban everyone from coming into Britain,” comparing them to student activists who want to “no platform” everyone they disagree with.

Mr Trump “hasn’t encouraged any people being shot or killed or maimed,” Mr Farage added[…]


The following interview with Farage took place three months ago on the subject of the so-called migrant crisis (invasion really), open borders and the Syrian refugees.