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london leytenstone tube station

The UK experienced another terrorist attack last evening when a lunatic assaulted three people as they exited London’s Leytonstone station with a knife (some reports claim “machete”) in London’s Leytonstone station.

One of the victims, a man in his 50’s was stabbed in the throat whose wounds are not life threatening.


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The attack occurred near the ticket barrier of the station where according to witnesses, the 29-year-old assailant seconds before the attack was heard shouting, “This is for Syria.”

Sky News

The stabbing of three people at a London tube station by a man wielding a large knife is being treated as a “terrorist incident”, the Met Police has said…

Video footage obtained by Sky News shows police officers trying to subdue the suspect with a taser several times before they successfully bring him to the ground.

Sky’s Mark White said: “A man in the main entrance hall by the ticket barrier, we are told, started attacking commuters leaving that station.”

Eyewitness reports said the alleged knifeman spoke of Syria, which has been confirmed to Sky News by sources.

Passengers ran from the scene as the incident unfolded.

One eyewitness, who was outside the station as events unfolded, told Sky News: “I could hear people pleading for help… and all of a sudden people started running out of the station…”


The following video was posted to twitter.