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The mainstream media sunk to its lowest in American history today (really) when MSNBC and CNN entered the home of the deceased San Bernardino Islamic terrorists and had a free for all totally destroying and contaminating the crime scene.

As reported by Breitbart:

UPDATE: Reporters on the scene would not tell Breitbart News if they had permission to dig through the apartment. During a press briefing, the F.B.I. spokesman said they had cleared the scene.

screenshot nbc reporter RUMMAGING  through san bernardino jihadists apartment 006_Fotor_Collage EDITED

Who cares if FBI who reports to the Muslim-in-chief said that the crime scene had been cleared? All one had to do was view the interior of the apartment from a distance to conclude that there was so much more to be processed. After all, there were ids, boxes of documents, etc. all over the place. There is no way on earth that the processing of the crime scene had concluded. NO WAY!

That and the fact that the mainstream media had no problem airing their disgusting deeds live on the air as they defiled the crime scene.

Who is responsible for what will now turn out to be another cover up under the Obama administration all of whom stand with the Muslim?


One of the most bizarre and possibly irresponsible and craven scenes in media history just unfurled on MSNBC and CNN as reporters from both networks (and a handful of others), during a live broadcast, toured the apartment of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists. While a MSNBC reporter rummaged through the deceased terrorists’ closets and boxes and photo albums, Andrea Mitchell reassured viewers that the disturbing scene was okay. “The landlord told us authorities were done with the crime scene,” she said.

According to the landlord, though, this was not the case. When he opened the door, reporters rushed into the apartment, possibly contaminating one of the most important crime scenes in years….


The most despicable display of bad journalism that I have witnessed in my life was brought to Americans courtesy of MSNBC who apparently was going for Pulitzer but missed it by at least eight hundred miles.

The Washington Examiner said it best.

What could have been a chilling look into the shocking “normalcy” of the couple’s home quickly devolved into parody-like commentary from correspondent Kerry Sanders. Sanders provided such hard-hitting analysis as “it’s just a typical sort of calendar” and “here’s just some mixed nuts….”

“I don’t actually see a lot a dust in here, but…you can see…the hard drive is gone.” Fire that damned MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders and freaking Andrea Mitchell! “What kind of computer equipment?”








Now that the mainstream media has shamed itself while contaminating a crime scene at the same time that the FBI was announcing that they are investigating the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist as if it was a terrorist attack, we can expect the FBI to conclude that there was not enough evidence to prove that Islamic terrorist attack committed by to radical Muslims was not an Islamic terrorist attack….but workplace violence or something creatively false. Worse yet, whatever the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR tells him to label the jihadist attacks.

You follow me?