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What a difference a week makes. It was less than a week ago, that Rahm Emanuel publicly stood by Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. (screenshot)

Earlier today, Chicago’s Commie Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the firing resignation termination of the city’s Police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

The firing comes as no surprise since the City has been in full crisis mode because of protests that erupted after the release of the dashboard video documenting the shooting death Laquan McDonald.

Throw in Chicago’s botched handling of the execution a few weeks back that outraged the nation of nine year old, Tyshawn Lee who was playing on a swing when targeted and lured to his death by three members of the Black P Stones gang and someone had to take the fall.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, McCarthy met with Emanuel last evening. The meeting ended with the police chief still having a job but some time during the night Emanuel contacted McCarthy to inform him that he was officially terminated [my emphasis].

This morning at a news conference with the “shell-shocked” former police chief, at his side, Emanuel announced a new five member task force on police accountability and the termination of McCarthy of which came after calls by Black leaders demanding that heads to roll, i.e., that of the former police chief.


… Saying “now is a time for fresh eyes and new leadership,” Mayor Emanuel told the city at a press conference that he is setting up a commission consisting of community leaders and experts to address the problems in the police department and to help him choose a new superintendent….

Emanuel noted that McCaarthy has a strong record that he should “be proud of,” and that he helped modernize the Chicago Police Department (CPD). But Emanuel went on to say that the escalating unrest in the community over the shooting of the teen has showed him that changes have to be made….

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Former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick was appointed senior advisor of the task force.

Patrick will be “charged with recommending reforms aimed at improving ‘independent oversight of police misconduct.’” (Take the white guy out, put a black guy into play and everybody’s happy. Lipstick on a pig.)