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BE FUNKY black preacher at mizzou 002


Published on Nov 20, 2015 by OpenAirOutreach

A black preacher rebukes the Black Lives Matter group on the Mizzou University! Brother Ross Jackson joins up with Jesse Morrell to preach on Mizzou the day after Jesse was punched in the mouth by a black radical for saying that Michael Brown died because he had a disrespect for authority…. Jesse Morrell is a full time open air missionary with http://www.OpenAirOutreach.com. The Morrell’s are supported by gifts from individuals.


BE FUNKY black preacher at mizzou 003


The lies spread by Black Lives Matter and the idiots who believe them.

At about 06:47, the self-anointed Black mouthpiece states as if it’s fact, “they killed 16000 people this year.” A few minutes later, he utters the same tireless talking point that “Black people can’t be racist.” Who the heck believes this stuff?

Amazing how this self-anointed Black mouthpiece with no facts has to resort to mockery along with some loud foul-mouthed Communist heffa.

Since all attempts to silence Brother Ross Jackson fails, at approximately 22:50, the Black Commie mouthpiece turned stalker threatens the Jackson for being disrespectful and states that he’s not afraid of s***, “I got bail money.”

Jackson is not being disrespectful at all, just stating facts, which apparently are a hard pill for Communists to swallow.

A truly disgusting display by the Communist scum who have infiltrated and destroyed Americans educational institutions infringing upon the liberties of those who set out to expose their lies.

27:30 of video the Black Commie mouthpiece announces that “this meeting (in a free speech zone or so-called safe space) is over with”….NOT!

Notice how every Communist in the video, Black or White, plays the race card.


BE FUNKY Pastors at Mizzou safe space 002

Ban the Communists from college campuses.