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Meet David Gershon, Communist:

david harris gershon self-loathing communist Jewish guy


The Mad Jewess

Before I rant against this insane, Communist, radical “Jewish” traitor to America, let me say…Than when I see a post like this, I really laugh my ass off at the likes of David Duke & his childlike supporters. Duke is a white Separatist who is madly in love with the brown people in “Palestine” and worries about these browns 7K miles away before he worries about whites in America. Gershon is an ally in the anti-Zionist cause with Duke. HAHAHA TOO COMICAL….

At any rate.. This is an excerpt of Gershon the Bolshevik:

“In the past month, GOP leaders and presidential candidates have celebrated bigotry and incited hate with unprecedented transparency. While the vast majority of such incitements have targeted Muslims in general and, more specifically […]


Long story, short, David Harris-Gershon is a loathsome Communist schmuck who is too blind to realize that the jihadists who arse he kisses will slit his throat and then play soccer with his head before any GOP official dares entertain the thought of bombing white men and spying on churches in America.