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if you see something say something ss department of homeland security


Written by Lady Raven

The possibility for abuse staggers the mind!

Last night at the grocery store the man waiting to pay (behind me) was way over the line suspicious with his inquiries of my Thanksgiving plans! Why – just the amount he was revealing of his own upcoming turkey day was more than any stranger needed to know – and the woman behind him holding a ten pound bag of sugar – he offered her a cup from his own stash! Pervert? Stalker? Potential kidnapper? Terrorist for sure as there are plenty in who he would instill fear!
Or – hey – how about blog post comments? A gold mine!

Gotta tell you – there is a real conflict invading my psyche on this day meant to give thanks so I shall just do the “happy” part?

Happy Thanksgiving Curtis[…]


Obama has been working on this every since the Go Fishy or Get Fishy White House site failed. In the meantime, the sheeple continue to slumber. It’s just a matter of time before their slumber becomes a nightmare.