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screenshot obama's war on coal

Washington Examiner by John Siciliano

Hundreds of Democrats from 32 states are aligning against the centerpiece of President Obama’s climate change agenda, the Clean Power Plan, which they say will cause unnecessary economic harm from increased reliance on renewable energy.

“As Democrats committed to a prosperous America and a healthy environment, we believe the United States has a unique opportunity to lead the world in addressing the global climate challenge, and yet do so, as we must, without unduly burdening the American economy or the American people,” the Democratic coalition called CoalBlue said in a letter sent Tuesday to Obama….

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Timing is everything; 278 local elected officials, 626 bureaucrats on a local and state level, 177 state legislators, and 148 Democratic Party officials are sending a message emanating across the county tells us that Progressives are not as confident about the upcoming elections as they would have us believe.