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global education map



Missouri Education Watchdog by Anne Gassel

Notice that educational trajectories will soon be commodities which will ultimately “impose limitations on special skills development.” In 2 years, IT companies will be the leaders in global education. We will have net-centric cultural values, which will unfortunately lead to “mass predictive texting induced learning disorders” in about a decade. All of this culminates with the Death of Renaissance Man by 2030. Where do I sign up?

Save Maine Schools blog explained the process that GEF uses to plan the future and shows how it fits into the about to voted into law revised ESEA.

According to the group’s [GEF] website: “We don’t expect change, we find a way to make it.”

Using a technique called “Rapid Foresight,” which involves putting “objects of the future” on note-cards and then voting on whether or not they earn a place on the “map,” Global Education Futures and the organizations it consults with literally map out the future they wish for the rest of us […]