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The mentality of a moonbat is that it is only racist when White people do it.

The mentality of a moonbat is that it is only racist when White people do it.

Ugh! How is it acceptable for Latinos, Asians, Muslims and Blacks to have their own student unions and it not be declared racist but the moment Caucasians decide to have its Whites only organization, they are attacked, labeled racist and condemned by their university?

Conservative Tribune by Ryan Burnside

If groups of black, Latino and Asian students all had their own race-exclusive clubs at a prominent American University, it would only stand to reason that white students should be able to form a union of their own, right?

Not only would it be fair, but it would also fall under this oft-overlooked amendment to the United States Constitution — The First Amendment.

Unfortunately, administrators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign apparently aren’t fans of our founding document, because the moment white students set up a Facebook page for a new “white union” in response to a Black Lives Matter group disrupting their lives on campus, staffers were on the phone with Facebook requesting that the page be taken down.

And Facebook complied….

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I am so sick of the lunacy, derision and the detrimental effect that the actions of Progressive loons are having on America.

On Saturday afternoon, my 9-year-old grandson arrived. Besides, Thanksgiving Day, his school is closed this week and so we will have plenty of time together.

Last evening as he finished reading a homework sheet followed up by a Q&A on Anne Frank, we entered into several discussions. I began by telling him what his homework sheet did not.

We discussed Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s children, the Nazis and the Jewish ghettos all the way through the end of the Holocaust, which was mysteriously missing from his reading. I also told him about how the world turned a blind eye and its back on European Jews and from there we went to a discussion on Black Lives Matter, which morphed into a discussion on the First, and the Fourth Amendments.

While my grandson easily picks upon the hypocrisy and insanity of the Black Lives Matter meme, it is political correctness, the right to free expression and speech that throws him off. Much of that has to do with his other grandmother a Progressive and legal immigrant from Jamaica who thinks Barack Obama walks on water (still) has this warped mentality about the U. S. Constitution. The woman is a racist and a sock puppet for Progressive elites.

(Hey, just keeping it real. Besides, she knows how I feel. I got so pissed once when speaking to my daughter-in-law that I told her that her mother was a fascist…moving on.)

The discussion led us to the hypocrisy, double standards of the left. I emphasized the fact that while one may not like what the other has to say, the other is still entitled to say it. That really confused him.

We left off with the Fourth Amendment.

I have six more days to educate him further on his liberties, World War II and the Holocaust, all of which came up during our discussion last night.

This afternoon, since the other grandmother is an anti-Semite, I will delve deeper into the Holocaust with him, which is bound to hit a nerve when my grandson shares with grandma moonbat what I taught him.

Somebody has to break the cycle of insanity.