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EAG News by Victor Skinner

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Black Lives Matter students at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill recently commandeered a town hall meeting to read off a list of 50 bizarre demands, from free education for all to the abolition of the school’s police forces.

ABC 11 reports a mob of UNC Black Lives Matter students descended on a town hall meeting Thursday called to discuss race relations and condemned the “unethical institution” for its treatment of minorities, and demand action from university officials.

But other students who attended the meeting to engage in a respectable conversation about issue didn’t appreciate their classmates’ tactics, and bemoaned the stunt as a waste of time.

“I don’t think you should be making demands if they’re not feasible,” UNC student Diamonde Henderson told the news site…

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Black Lives Matter extremists commandeered more than an hour of a two-hour forum thereby infringing upon the liberties of anyone else in attendance at the forum that might have had something to say.

Compounding their transgression (not that they gave a damn) is their 14-page list of demands, which makes leaves no doubt that the inmates are indeed running the asylum. The document is entitled, “The Collective Response to Anti-Blackness”

Case in point: Eliminate standardized testing of all kinds required for the admission process into universities.

Publish data on UNC’s website home page of Blacks, Latinos and “Indigenous” students who drop out or transfer from UNC by race, gender, class.

Hold on, it gets worse. UNC must then follow up by reaching out to those students to find out why they dropped out or transferred, as if the university is to blame, after which they are to post the data on the university’s website. (Enter guilt tripping and the blame game.)

Next which will come as no surprise is the termination of Margaret Spellings, president of UNC because of her failure to use the write words or some crap.

BLM loons are also demanding that everyone regardless of whether he or she is a student at UNC be given unfettered access to the premises along with the removal of security cameras. That ought to work while at the same time demanding that all prisons be shut down (really).

Oh yes, and free stuff, free stuff, free stuff and that is just the tip of the iceberg as you can see from the demands below.

You can view their demands here in pdf.

Finally, if you can stomach it, the forum is available for viewing here. Whiners!