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Anti-Terror Police block roads in St. Denis

Anti-Terror Police block roads in St. Denis

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Barack Obama railed against the GOP again this morning and directed his hatred towards them before an audience of foreigners in the Philippines. When he insults the GOP, he’s also insulting half of the American people. He’s also ridiculing non-GOP Americans who want this massive influx of Syrian refugees stopped until we have a handle on it.

He said it as more terrorists are caught posing as migrants.

Obama claimed the GOP is “afraid” of “widows” and “orphans” and he again had the audacity to tell us “who we are”. How would he know? He was raised by communists, mentored by a revolutionary communist and spent his formative years in Indonesia. He hasn’t a clue. I have linked a clip below if you haven’t seen his rant.

Since it’s very easy to get a forged passport, they should stop the influx from that part of the world period – temporarily.

I guess Barack didn’t read the papers this morning where we were told a second woman terrorist blew herself up in Paris during the raid and the ringleader of the attacks is a “migrant.”

Jim Kallstrom, a former Assistant Director to the FBI, told Elizabeth Hasselbach on Fox&Friends this morning that Josh Earnest’s defense of the influx of unvetted Syrian “refugees” is “unbelievable”…”absurd”…”nonsensical.” There are no records to check in Syria” and you can buy a forged “passport for $150 bucks”, he said.

Adding more than once that the “arrogance” is “just over the top”, Kallstrom appeared to be stunned[…]