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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

#BlackLivesMatter marched through the Dartmouth University library recently, pushing, cornering and cursing the students trying to study. That has been confirmed. They brought some students to tears.

They used language such as:

“F*** you, you filthy white f***s!”

“F*** you and your comfort!”

“F*** you, you racist s***!”

We posted the story here.

Dartmouth released a wussy statement Monday saying they are committed to “free speech”, “public protest”, however, the “safety, well-being, and support of all Dartmouth students remain our highest priorities.”

The Dartmouth paper said the reports of physical violence were just rumor[…]

Adding to all that, academia blames Conservatives for bringing public awareness to the vulgar acts and deeds of Black Lives Matter terrorists. In other words, they are attempting to justify the unjustifiable.

Did they actually believe that they could push this meme under the cover of darkness?

Sorry Black Lies Matter, running around shouting vulgarities, attacking those seeking a legitimate education while espousing hate and racist statements such as “F**k your white privilege,” “F**k your white asses” and calling those Blacks “coons” because they have opted out of living on the Progressive plantation does not garner you any support.

As for the talking heads of these Communist universities cesspools now being passed off as bastions of truth and knowledge, academia created these monsters fundamentally transforming these institutions into anything but.

One day these Communist loons are going to choke on their own kool-aid, hopefully sooner than later. After all, we all know that this is about power and transforming American educational institutions to re-education, indoctrination CAMPS.