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re-education camp

Liberal academia’s chickens are coming home to roost and it has become too hot even for those complicit to remain in the kitchen but if you think that’s all it’s about, think again.

Grumpy Opinions, by Bob Montgomery

……And As Prototype

One by one, colleges and universities across America are folding like cheap tents, slavishly bowing to the politically correct “diversity”, “safe zone”, “microaggression” movements which in reality are part and parcel of the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ as envisioned by the Barack Obama’s of the world. You are of course familiar with the hullaballoo going on recently at the University of Missouri and at Yale, where administrators and faculty members are either resigning under fire or going along to get along. We learn today that Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, Indiana has announced that henceforth all incoming freshmen will be required to attend mandatory diversity training classes.

“Three Indiana State University students ended a brief hunger strike on Wednesday after school officials said mandatory diversity training was being implemented for new students starting next fall.

That protest and a demonstration planned for Friday at Purdue University are among numerous campus actions around the country following the racially charged strife at the University of Missouri.”

We know from what limited reporting there is from the national media on the sources for and the forces behind all these protests that they are organized, to a great extent using social media, that their messages are uniform and scripted and designed to play on the “white privilege”, “straight privilege” and other memes. What we don’t pay attention to are the details of their demands, other than the headlines about a university president or a faculty member being hounded into resignation.

The part of “diversity training” that we need to pay attention to is the ‘training’ part. Note that Indiana State University announced that there would be ‘training’ and that it would be ‘mandatory’. Are we all clear on what ‘training’ is? Training is not an informational lecture. When you are ‘trained’ you are told how to behave. You are told how to either think or act or both….

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The next step: subjugation, re-education camp for all, Barack Obama’s next step in the fundamental transformation of America.  No man or woman is safe or will escape what’s coming if Obama’s tyrannical regime and foot soldiers have their way….and if we go along like sheep.

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