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Charles Blandford Farr

Charles Blandford Farr


Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

A top counterterrorism expert in Britain has warned that up to 450 battle-hardened jihadis are loose on the streets of Britain after fighting in Syria, reminding the public that IS [ISIS] is encouraging homegrown terrorism.

Charles Farr, director of the Office for Security and CounterTerrorism, in a speech last week, said that about 750 British citizens “of interest to the security and intelligence services” had travelled to Syria of whom “about 60 per cent had returned”.

Mr Farr also said IS had recently adopted a new tactic, urging supporters either to go and join them or stay in the UK and “undertake attacks if you couldn’t go”.

And those who are travelling are getting “much younger” than before.

He described this as a “specific, singular and new phenomenon” and was a form of “ideological grooming”[…]


“Ideological grooming” isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Our leaders who live behind gated walls or in gated communities, have security, armed to the teeth and no-fly zones over their heads have managed to convince millions of imbeciles that the global caliphate is much to do about nothing.