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Refugee Resettlement Watch by Ann Corcoran

There may be others by now, but here is the first story I’m seeing before dawn today reporting on reactions by US Presidential candidates. ***Update*** Here is a story at Breitbart that must have been posted before terror erupted in Paris last night—see where the Presidential candidates were yesterday afternoon BP (before Paris). Bush, Kasich and Rubio all said they want MORE refugees.

***Update #2*** Mediaite reported on Ann Coulter tweets last night (after Paris): “Donald Trump was elected President tonight,” here. Paris may in fact have been a clarifying moment for many—try to imagine each of the 2016 candidates as President of the US if a similar horror happens here. Who would you wish to be in the Oval Office?

From Buzzfeed:

Following the deadly attacks in Paris Friday night, two prominent Republicans have called for the United States to table plans to accept thousands of Syrian refugees.

Sen. Ted Cruz wrote in a statement on Friday that the U.S. needs to “immediately declare a halt to any plans to bring refugees that may have been by ISIS to the United States.” Cruz has raised security concerns before about the prospect of accepting more refugees at this point from Syria[…]

Time to send a message, America in response to the message we received last night and that message is that we’re next. Not fear mongering, ISIS is here. Thanks to open border policies of bureaucrats in bed with our enemies.

Suggested Reading: Refugee Resettlement Watch’s post, “Angry about Paris? Time for a moratorium on Muslim migration to America? Start with cutting the funds for it!