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Refugee Resettlement Watch by Ann Corcoran

I’m only seeing this news on the UK Mirror so far…..

Update: Daily Mail says it was an electrical fire unrelated to Paris slaughter (almost an unbelievable coincidence). By the way, if you are a new reader and wonder why there is a huge migrant camp packed with Middle Easterners and Africans at Calais, those are all supposed ‘asylum seekers’ who aren’t asking for asylum in France because they want asylum in the UK where they think the welfare goodies are better. Thus the many-years-long stalemate.

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

And, it isn’t clear if it is a result of the attacks in Paris by Islamic terrorists.

Fire has reportedly broken out at the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in the port of Calais in the hours following the terror attacks in Paris.

At around 11pm volunteers at the camp began sharing pictures of the blaze on social media….


About few years back, bloggers like myself began sounding the warning about the coming caliphate. Many sounded the warning earlier but in every instance, we were called “Islamophobic” and “conspiracy theorists.” I wonder what those same people who levied those allegations have to say for themselves today.

Only a fool would still be in denial but then the world does have more than its share of fools.