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screenshot donald trump iowa 11122015

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The media is going wild with Donald Trump’s stump speech in Iowa yesterday. They claim he called Dr. Carson a child molester. He didn’t and the overreach by the media makes them look stupid.

Donald Trump created the illusion that he was saying Ben Carson was in the category of “pathological” perverts that molesters are in and it’s incurable. He also asked how stupid Iowa voters could be.

Dr. Carson said today that Donald Trump did not call him a child molester. Carson also said Trump doesn’t understand pathology as he used it and that it can be cured.

Watch and decide what Trump said for yourself.

Here’s a little more:

Even Fox pretended that is what he said. If they just said his rhetoric was over-the-top, they would have made their point….

Just when one thinks that the mainstream media could sink no lower, they do just that.