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VAIndependent Sentinel by S. Noble

Almost two-thirds of 1.6 million civilian full-time federal employees receive merit bonuses. Agency officials claim it’s to attract talent but it’s really just another union giveaway. They are being rewarded for merely showing up to work. They haven’t brought in new clients, sold more products, or improved productivity. They’ve appeared.

There is no way 60% of the government employees excel to the point of earning bonuses. It’s just not possible.

The VA paid out $143 million in performance bonuses to employees in 2014 — even though several of them were under investigation or accused of mismanagement, according to Jeff Miller, Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee where the information was collected[…]


We have these blasted dog and pony shows and STILL NOTHING CHANGES with the VA except that even more veterans are being neglected and dying. Talk about a dereliction of duty – when is enough TOO MUCH?

How about Congress, Veterans Administration employees and federal workers as a whole receiving the same benefits, medical treatment and lack thereof as is being doled out to our vets.  Moreover, eliminate all incentives and bonuses.  Would things change then?