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Written by Sarge

“You see there’s a difference between class and style. You got class, and I got style. And before we ever get to the courthouse you’re gonna know the difference between the two.” Larry Flynt

It’s always interesting to note how people grow, or cease to grow when confronted by change. I belong to a group of people seeking to enlighten and educate people to the fact liberal agendas are based on specific socialist principles clearly evident and patently offensive to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When I joined this group we were accessible to our extended membership. We had contact with them through a very good and visible website extolling the virtues of our cause and the variant tactical ideas available to fight liberal, UN driven agendas tending toward the development of “One World Government”. Now we have (some people might say suffer) weekly sessions where the “elite meet, greet and eat” before “discussing” issues pertinent to our cause.

The word “discuss” is misleading because of the position one have taken. He believes because he is allowed the hominem of “spokesman” he alone knows what and how the group’s agenda should be put forth. He believes he alone is permitted to say, and in the manner he alone finds fit, what the organization stands for and wants to accomplish organizationally. He’s done this since the beginning of my association with this group which spans a couple of years now.

I can say at this time he does occasionally hit the nail on the head as it pertains to our problems in this great nation. But his message has turned cliché, time worn, hackneyed and trite. It’s boring and dull minded (as he has alluded to in the case of my being “only a blogger”) to the point of being a caricature of what this group is seen as to whit; “bigoted, angry old white guys”.

Times change. They change with each passing moment and the anger and furor of the past political arena where it’s been witnessed government has slipped its leash once held firmly in the hands of the people. The way and manner used to capture the reality of the outrage felt by us was righteous and honest in its delivery. We wanted to impact the malefactors. We wanted to hit back HARD and with the unmistakable furor and righteous indignation our colonial forebears showed when they protested. They then revolted against the steadily tightening noose the British slipped around America’s neck to strangle all protest; much like we see today.

Alinskyism in action

One of the chilling aspects of this problem is the time when any organization finds its representatives seeking to (in a self-aggrandizing manner) ascend to dominance; not leadership. The low self-esteem of the individual leads him to quote his bona fides at every imaginable moment, so as to assure we understand how important he is to our cause. It’s only his opinion matters. It’s only his 1st Amendment rights exist as he shouts down his colleagues’ thoughts and ideas. Only HE knows what’s right and proper for the nation. He calls this DEBATE when in reality it’s only Argument for the sake of argument.

It’s Alinskyism in action. It’s only the act of a bully seeking dominance. Personally he’s got class; but he has NO sense of style (or elegance) in his delivery of the message to his audience. He’s a sledge hammer being used to crack an egg. It doesn’t always work when you need the yolk for the recipe.

You know him. In the Democrat Party his name is Barack Obama or it could be Harry Reid. His counterpart in my group is known to all.

Our friend, in his efforts to overpower all others, uses Alinskyist Tactics and techniques to assure he moves ahead and his hallowed efforts are recognized as propellant as it concerns our efforts to arrest liberal, pro-UN agenda matters. In his mind he’s the lone Patriot standing tall and self-sacrificingly resolute against all who don’t see it his way. In this he’s dead-wrong.

Others see him as an inarticulate fool railing at the sunset because the darkness encroaches on how he views the world. Nobody can see his brilliance for the sad darkness of his spirit and drive.

This is what’s happening to the Tea Party Movement. Individuals have started organizations and programs they say are designed for our benefit and welfare. But, in reality, have you ever noticed the only time they speak directly to you is when they are trying to misdirect you and pick your pocket for “operating costs”. No matter the reason for the misdirection, whether it be because your poorly developed ego must be assuaged for lack of internal strength; or you’re trying to make millions to be used to pay you and your staff; the result is people are getting ripped off because the organization and/or the individual isn’t honest with themselves or you as colleagues.

This is a warning. If this self-serving bullying bulls#it keeps on keepin’ on; we’ll have no right to challenge and question the government. We’ll be seen as being as bad as our present government is. They’re already attacking the Bill of Rights and subverting the Constitution through Executive Orders serving no purpose but those desired by our enemies.

We don’t need to drive others away because we need to be seen as more important than the people we claim to represent.

Thanks for listening