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Three people were shot this morning leaving one dead and two with non-life threatening injuries.

mcdonalds eighth avenue near penn stationThe shooting occurred at the beginning of rush hour at a subway entrance/exit located at West 35th Street and Eighth Avenue in or near Penn Station.

Of the wounded, one man about 43 years old was shot in the neck and abdomen, the other a 48 year old male was shot in the leg. The deceased male was 43 years old.

At this posting, the story continues to unfold.

Source: Fox News., New York Post.



The early morning shooting near Penn Station that left one man dead and two men wounded began in McDonald’s on Eighth Avenue when the shooter wearing a black hoodie approached three men having coffee.

The altercation escalated after the men exited McDonalds, walked down the street, and entered the train station followed by the shooter after which he fled the scene with two other suspects in a dark or silver-colored vehicle.

According to witnesses, the three men shot were patients at a methadone clinic in the area.


Responders found the dead man on the steps of a subway entrance, with a gunshot wound to the neck, and the other two victims on the street….

People in the neighborhood said the three victims all knew each other from the West Midtown Medical Group methadone clinic, just a couple blocks from the crime scene.

“They were cool cats,” said Edmund Pieters, 52, another member of the clinic.

“They would just come down, get their methadone, a coffee and chill. I don’t know what happened. It’s crazy. It’s a whole new world down here at night….”

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Pursuant to an article written by the New York Times last July, because this McDonald’s is less than a “3 minute walk” from a methadone center, it is a magnet to a host of unsavory characters and a shoot up a gallery for heroin addicts. (Must be great for tourism.)

A Manhattan McDonald’s With Many Off-the-Menu Sales (excerpt below)

Some customers pour beer into clear McCafé plastic cups and drink it right in the open. A man called Shamrock swills straight vodka from a Dasani water bottle at a table near the entrance.

The other day, a man headed straight for the bathroom, pausing only to open his backpack and grab a bag of heroin, known as “dog food….”

“The tourists don’t know anything,” said Nichole, 29, a former heroin user who lives in a shelter and goes to the McDonald’s regularly with her boyfriend. “I love when they walk in here and look around and everybody is nodding out on a table. Because they have no idea what’s going on. They’re like, ‘Why is everybody sleeping in here?’ ”