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screenshot transgender houson equal rights bill

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

A New York Times article, written in response to the failure of HERO to pass, declared in an op-ed on November 4th that “Sometime in the near future, a transgender teenager in Texas will attempt suicide — and maybe succeed — because vilifying people for their gender identity remains politically acceptable in America.”

It was a frightening rebuke as they equated rejection of the bathroom bill with hate, bigotry and potential suicides.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) which was voted down is allegedly an anti-discrimination rule, but it doesn’t grant any civil rights. It just provides a course for a discrimination complaint though there always has been a clear path through the courts and other venues. Reality dictates, however, that if a man is still physically a man[…]

The transgender, gay community and their comrades on the left are not thinking about the harm that will undoubtedly come out of so-called transgender freaks or some filthy bum pretending to be gay or transgender in order to gain entrance into a girl’s bathroom or ladies’ room.

Way to go, Houston.

Someone had to put his or her foot down to protect our children and women from predators.

As for the propaganda spun by the NYT, if by chance a troubled transgender kid jumps off a roof or slit his or her wrists, their death is on you.  The sad part is that I can see the mainstream media hoping for such a thing to boost sales.