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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Robert Murray, the coal CEO of Murray Energy, responded to Obama’s rejection of the KeystoneXL and the war on all fossil fuels. Ironically, Mr. Murray said, it is the fossil fuel industry that has propped up the administration so Obama and his liberal environmentalist allies could push their radical agenda. Watch:

Should a president be allowed to violate the Constitution because he wants power and control to implement his ideals without regard for the peoples’ wishes?

The federal appeals court is currently hearing a major challenge to the EPA climate rule to destroy coal[…]

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While most of us are counting down the days until Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office, the despot with his pen and phone still at his side and picked up a sledgehammer.

The tyrant Obama will spend the next 439 days inflicting as much damage on a nation he despises, in all likelihood more than even most of us can imagine while Congress sits by and allows it.

LINK: http://www.independentsentinel.com/obamas-unconstitutional-war-on-all-fossil-fuels/