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screenshot free fields spring valley high school

As NOT reported by the mainstream media who got it wrong from the jump:

Breitbart by Lee Stranahan

Friday, hundreds of students–both black and white–at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina walked out of class in support of Ben Fields, the Richland County sheriff’s deputy shown in a viral video forcefully removing a noncompliant student Monday. The students also took to social media with photos and video of the protest and the #BringBackFields hashtag was trending on Twitter both on October 30th and on Sunday morning. — Cassibry (@JCass_12) October […]

Even our youth is sick of the insanity and America stands with the students of Spring Valley High School who by the way unnerved Black Lives Matter with their decision to stand tall in support of Ben Fields but don’t worry.  The media is not covering that either.