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Melissa Harris-Perry Needs a Trip to Hard Work U by MichelleMalkin.com

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is the cable TV pioneer who broke the tastelessness barrier for feminists by wearing tampons as earrings on air in 2013. This week, she made ignominious history again — as the race-baiting fool in an ivory tower bubble who believes the words “hard worker” are a slur against black slaves and moms who don’t have health care.

Caution: You may need a double dose of Excedrin to protect yourself from her brain-splitting nonsense….

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Harris-Perry offends hard working people regardless of one’s ethnicity.

For people struggling to get out of poverty and break the cycle, Harris-Perry regurgitates Progressive talking points, i.e., the message is that working hard will not get one out of poverty nor is it expected, so don’t bother.

It is after all financially beneficial to Harris-Perry and so many others that those living below the poverty level remain there. Yet they have the audacity to blame Republicans.