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Written by Lady Raven

Heads up America. Or not.

I have seen a LOT of photos of those on the march. This absolutely stuns me. And, close inspection – there are no women. Reporters on the sidelines, one woman with them, a couple of more (maybe) reporters who have waded into the mass – but after that……. young, healthy men. Biceps! We are not talking scrawny, malnourished, beaten down people! Refugees? I don’t for a moment believe so. No wonder – In response to the Muslim invasion, Austrians have embraced our 2nd Amendment, buying all available guns, which sold out weeks agoPowdered Wig Society. And you will note, most of the guns being bought are by women.

Wien Westbahnhof railway station - migrants on their way to Germany (Wikipedia)

Wien Westbahnhof railway station – migrants on their way to Germany (Wikipedia)


I have argued repeatedly with my son’s mother-in-law who is a Jamaican immigrant about the savages (I call them what they are) and how there’s not a darn thing wrong with any of them. When I tell her that the majority of illegals invading Europe (she hates that phrase) are healthy men infiltrating in the name of Allah, she responds: “But we see the women, children all the time on tv.”

Then the conversation really gets heated when I refer to them as “props.”


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