Judge Jeanine Tears Apart Hillary’s ‘Political Pivots’ at the Benghazi Hearing


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Fox News InsiderJustice With Judge Jeanine

On “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said Hillary Clinton’s testimony at the Benghazi hearing was pure political theater.

“I watched as the hearing devolved from a search for the truth to theater — political theater,” Pirro said.

She said Clinton was “wrong on the merits, but right on the theater.” And that was all it took for much of the media to say she won.

“The mainstream media cared not about whether she told the truth, but everything about whether she got away with not telling the truth.”

Pirro said most fascinating about the hearing was watching Clinton’s “pivots” around committee members’ questions, which she broke down into “Exhibits 1, 2 and 3….”

Judge Pirro’s Opening Statement begins at 05:28 of video.

The mainstream media and Hillary Clinton supporters are spiking a football as if Clinton set the record straight when she has done nothing but doubled down on the cover up and lies. And yes, both Hillary and Barack blamed the video from the onset.

Yes Hillary, you knew. Barack Obama knew.  You BOTH LIED and haven’t stopped since.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, you OWN Benghazi.  No amount of condescension, rewriting of history and cackling on your part will wash the blood of the four men who died because of your dereliction of duty off your hands or your soul, which last week YOU laid out to bare for the world to see.


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