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Front runner 2016 Republican Party presidential primary candidate, Donald Trump, spoke at a rally at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida Friday evening and at The Landing in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday and as is fast becoming a half dozen protesters or so doing the bidding of the Democratic Socialists of America attempted to shut the Miami rally down.

Then it’s not as if Trump or the thousands of Trump’s supporters in attendance were not expecting the protesters, so when the interlopers began their dog and pony show, they were dealt with, respectively.

Of course, the mainstream media and a few on the right are reporting otherwise speaking of which, Univision, all part of the Progressive play and making news attempting to gain access to the rally, they were denied entry.

MIAMI: During the first interruption(s), Trump stated “That’s alright….Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them. You can get them out, but don’t hurt them. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.” At this point, Trump supporters can be heard shouting down the interlopers, with chants of “USA, USA” to which Trump responded, “That’s what freedom of speech — it’s all freedom of speech.”

A few moments later, it became necessary for Trump to issue the following warning, “See the first group, I was nice. Oh, take your time….The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group, I’ll be a little more violent. And the fourth group, I’ll say, ‘Get the hell out of here!’”

Sporadic interruptions by Hispanic protesters opposed to Trump’s platform on illegal immigration continued throughout the rally as the interlopers hoped to disrupt the message and create chaos, prompting Trump to say at one point, “Isn’t this more fun than having a normal deal? Right, right?” “…Suppose we had a normal speech … the evening ends we go home and go to sleep, this is more fun, right?”

At 18:10 (approx.), Trump talks about SuperPacs and the power that SuperPacs hold over the candidate.

Trump took the time to report that he has disclaimed and disavowed SuperPacs, does not want their money or to be under the control of SuperPacs. Trump, then called calls on other candidates to “disavow their SuperPacs” and to return the money.

During the discussion, he mentions Ben Carson who has two SuperPacs that have now merged.

The next candidate was Jeb Bush trolling for $$$$ in Germany. Well not Bush directly, his campaign manager Danny Diaz.

Diaz as a featured speaker last week in Berlin at the The International Conference for Political Communications, where he played fuzzy math with Bush’s polling numbers (of course).

Below is Trump’s Rally in Doral, Friday evening October 23, 2015 followed by Saturday afternoon’s rally in Jacksonville, Florida as posted to YouTube by Right Side Radio.

 But first, as played by the mainstream media:



From taking on Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush on their home turf to calling Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton out on the use of teleprompters, the Jacksonville speech is definitely worth watching. The energy is amazing. [Note: Sound begins at 25 seconds into the video. ]



Social media loves Trump (Okay, some not so much but other than the first tweet they have no forum here. Apparently, Progressives don’t spell check.)




Make America great again 🇺🇸

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Saying goodbye to some of my great workers at @trumpdoral in Miami.

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