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what is a wimp

From Lew Rockwell, written by Fred Reed

An example of pathological masculinity, male privilege, substance abuse, and patriarchy with overtones of violence against women and people of color, as well as probable homophobia. May drive a truck.

Come morning, I receive emails from friends documenting the curious social transformation coming over the US. These missives usually accompany links to some new tragicomic antics. E.g., Harvard, once a university, lets students invent odd pronouns to promote gender equity. “He” and “she” represent oppression and lack of inclusion.

Recently a friend, a Harvard PhD, wrote and said, “It’s not funny anymore.” I thought, and realized that, no, it isn’t. Things that seemed the obsessions of the occasional lugubrious neurotic are so common that they represent a change in the national character. It is eerie. Something strange is happening.

What now is the national character? What sort of country is America today? A country of rugged individualism? Land of the free and home of the brave? A nation of the independent and self-reliant?

Let us start with Brave.

“Student wearing Halloween costume prompts Pueblo County school lockdown

“Pueblo County High School was on lockdown for more than an hour Wednesday after authorities say a student was apprehended wearing a trench coat and gas mask.”


Panic strikes school after student says ‘gum’

“A student at Lehman High School reportedly asked for some chewing gum, but another student thought the student said “gun,” KCEN reports.“No gun was found and Hays County, Texas school district spokesman Tim Savoy insists the school was never in “lock down,” though school administrators did “hold students in their extended class periods to investigate….”

Rugged? Not even close […]


The following collage is my contribution, the odd of which is likely to send the PC police over the side of a cliff. ENJOY.

Hollywood NOT PC shots wikimedia public domain_Fotor_Collage



All images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, public domain.