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House of the Wannsee Conference

House of the Wannsee Conference

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“History is written by the victors.”
-Winston Churchill

“Those who can’t change the future, are left with rewriting the past.”
-Zehava Galon, Leader of Israel’s Meretz Party

As the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler rose to power, it targeted identifiable groups as enemies of the state starting with communists and gypsies and the mentally infirm. Its real target, however, was the Jews. Once in power, a series of laws were enacted first restricting Jews in countless ways and then forcing them to wear the now infamous yellow Star of David badge on their clothing. Eventually, they would be rounded up and ‘emigrated’ from Germany to camps in Eastern Europe.

They became slave labour and when they could no longer work, they were simply killed. By 1941, the killing of Jews had become unofficial Nazi policy and was left in the hands of local and regional leaders to organize.

Initially, Jews were shot but there were a number of problems that arose. Bullets were expensive and necessary for the war effort. It was a time consuming process that did not rise to the standards of typical German[…]