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Written by Little Tboca

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The GOP, Chamber of Commerce, Liberal News media are trying desperately to eliminate Donald Trump from the 2016 Presidential race. Why are they so terrified of this man? Why do they hate a man who truly loves his Country and fellow Americans? A betting man or woman would say “all odds are against him.” It is strange that one of Trump’s friends Dr. Ben Carson has been targeted too by the Washington Cartel.

Donald’s own party has maliciously attempted to exterminate him. The GOP joined the Trump Dump movement mid – summer of 2015 and now the real story starts to unravel. Bottom line, Donald Trump exposed the Washington Cartel which includes Republicans and Democrats who have been living pretty high on the hog.

Donald Trump has defined the problems that concern the average hard working citizen. Donald has revealed the bad Government composed of both Republicans and Democrats that has misused and abused the men and women of the greatest Nation in the World.

Donald Trump has stripped away their political façade and has exposed the Washington Cartel as a group of greedy culprits who have joined together to control the people ultimately destroying our Nation.

He has discussed illegal immigration, sanctuary cities saying that we should protect and care for our people first. He has discussed the high unemployment problem in our Nation, stating it’s probably close to or above 20% if Americans were given the actual figures.

He has talked about all of the money and weapons that our Government sneaks out of our Country to aid terrorists. He’s discussed how our military has been weakened and manipulated in the past 7 ½ years. Trump believes our Military commanders have the knowledge and expertise to destroy ISIS.

He has presented a pretty darn good tax reform policy that would ease the burden that the Government has imposed on the citizens of the USA. He has discussed the reasons the EPA and Board of Education should be restrained and downsized.

Trump rally Dallas Texas September 13 2015

Dallas, Texas. Source: Donald J. Trump Facebook

Donald Trump has brought a glimmer of real hope to Americans and he’s ready with their help to take back our Country and make America great again.

People like Megyn Kelly are a dime a dozen, they pick and choose what propaganda to use against Donald Trump hoping to diminish his run for Commander in Chief. Kelly at the debate attempted to paint a picture of Donald that he hates women. So let’s investigate that a little bit.

Below you will see what a real leader looks like – he immediately assesses the problem and brings a solution to the table.

Even Donald Trump’s critics agree- He is a man of action. He’s not the type to wait around for government help. He wins because he works hard and is dedicated.

Appearing on “CNN’s New Day” with Chris Cuomo, Michael Cohen, Trump’s general counsel and an executive vice president at Trump Organization, said that while the billionaire’s companies employ 57 percent men and 43 percent women, “there are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male.”

BEFUNKY Trump charities screenshotHere is an extraordinary story! In Los Angeles, an airline was refusing to help get a sick 3-year-old Jewish boy on a flight. Trump was called, he responded immediately making his jet available.

Airline Couldn’t Help Sick Child, So Donald Trump CAME …


Donald Trump helps marine in Mexico who was rotting in the Mexican jail.

Donald Trump Quietly Helped Marine Whom Obama Ignored

Greta Van Susteren: Yes, it’s True… Donald Trump Helped …


Here’s a story that most Americans will never see or know about, but it shows the real character of Donald Trump. There are many other stories but this one is intriguing because it shows that the “Donald” does know how to negotiate.

Donald Trump Once Saved A Woman’s Farm From …


It has taken many years for the Washington Cartel to infiltrate our Government, our schools and colleges, weaken our Military and take away our freedoms and rights. In a few months, Trump and Carson have started to fracture the Washington Cartel’s foundation.

The GOP, Chamber of Commerce, Liberal News Media and Liberals hate Donald Trump and Ben Carson because they have stripped those who are in the Washington Cartel of their “get out of jail free cards” and carte blanche checks that they write from Americans bank account.

Unlike what the Government tries to tell us, there aren’t two parties (Republicans & Democrats) running Washington. There is one party “The Washington Cartel.” The Cartel is composed of political insiders who are owned and controlled by the big donors; they are political robots engineered and designed to destroy our Nation.

Donald Trump supports one candidate in the Republican Presidential Election – that is Dr. Ben Carson. He says if Ben Carson wins the Presidential Race, he will definitely support him.

Trump/Carson 2016? ‘Stranger things have happened’

These two men can’t go it alone, they need the “silent majority” to stand strong and help them in their fight to take back our Country. All things are possible and these two brave Americans may be leading our Country in 2016.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca