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BEFUNKY George Bush Jeb Bush

Because the last name Bush could prove a liability and distraction to Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy, brother George W. Bush declared last spring that he would stay out of the fray surrounding the 2016 elections, i.e., until this past weekend when the former president criticized 2016 Republican Party presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump before a room full of donors.

While one might expect that Donald Trump with his never ending attacks on Jeb Bush, the latest pouncing of which is that 911 occurred on GWB’s watch that Trump would be number one on GWB’s hit list (if GWB had a hit list. Instead, GWB sees Senator Ted Cruz as the bigger threat to brother Jeb’s path to the White House.

Breitbart by Katie McHugh

Former Republican president George W. Bush told donors that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is his brother Jeb Bush’s most ‘formidable’ opponent in the GOP primary, according to Politico.

Politico spoke to half a dozen donors at an Oct. 18 event in Denver. The attendees reported that Bush said “I just don’t like the guy.”

Bush also slammed Cruz’s alliance with runaway frontrunner Donald Trump, who has repeatedly mocked Jeb as ‘pathetic’ and ‘low energy.’

‘Bush said he found it ‘opportunistic’ that Cruz was sucking up to Trump and just expecting all of his support to come to him in the end,’ a donor told Politico….

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According to GWB, Cruz’ is a formidable opponent due to his popularity in Texas and across the South.

Bush who is cruising for donors on behalf of brother, Jeb shares views with the Progressive Republican leadership that Cruz has hijacked the Republican Party.

I guess it doesn’t help that according to polls, Jeb Bush’s hopes for the White House continues to diminish by the day as Trump’s and Ben Carson’s increases.

Bush has gone from second place last July in the polls to now ranking in fifth place.

Donald Trump cementing his spot on top is polling at 25 percent and Carson at 22 percent while Bush remains at 8 percent.

As with Trump, as the mainstream media steps up its attacks on Carson, Carson rises in the polls.

According to Breitbart, Senator Ted Cruz nearly doubled his support in September. “He is behind Rubio with 9 percent of the vote, just ahead of Bush. Carly Fiorina, who received a big boost in August, dropped a bit in September. Still, she is essentially tied with Bush with 7 percent support….”