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BE FUNKY Twin Engine Beech 1200 private jet

According to a French newspaper, the French kowtowing to the illegal infiltration from Middle East and African countries is spending €1.5m (1.7m USD) a year to transport Muslim invaders illegal immigrants on a private jet from Calais, France to detention centers located throughout the country. (Of course, the French government does call them illegals. They call them “refugees,” “migrants,” whatever all in the name of pc.)

While the private jet only seats 19 passengers, far fewer are transported at one time.

The Local Fr

A jet that can only seat 19 passengers is being used to thin the refugee population in Calais by transferring them to detention centres around France, according to the StreetPress investigative news site….the plane isn’t transferring 19 passengers at a time – not even close.

Due to the fact that each refugee must be accompanied by two police officers, the plane is actually only taking five refugees at a time from Calais to other towns in France like Metz, Toulouse, Nîmes, Hendaye, and Perpignan.

And it’s not cheap either. The private jet has been rented out to the French state on a four year renewable contract at a price of €1.5 million in total each year, the news site reported.

StreetPress, which spent several weeks investigating what it called a “ludicrous system”, reported that the Beechcraft 1900 jet flies up to three times a week and has been doing so for six months.

An anonymous police officer told the site that the system was created to try and ‘relieve the pressure’ on Calais, which is currently home to an estimated 6,000 refugees.…

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As stated on the StreetPress investigative news site: (Google Translation/lousy):

Air Sans Pap ‘: when the state charters a private jet to clear Calais

3 times a week, the plane trimbale migrants to the 4 corners of France

Travel Travel | StreetPress Info | by Tomas Statius, Thibaut Loïez | October 19, 2015

Several times a week, a private jet leased by the state leaving Calais. On board, a handful of police escort migrants. Rennes, Nimes, Metz: they are transferred and released a few days later. 1.5 million euros per year and fly away.

Aerodrome de Calais – 9 am, October 2nd. Security officials have not yet taken their service when a private jet from 17 meters landed on the tarmac. On board were 10 police officers of the Border Police (PAF) and 2 pilots. After cutting the engines, the crew exits the appliance. “This is a transfer of migrants. It takes them from Calais to the CRA [administrative detention center, ed] of Toulouse, “explains one who presents himself as the team leader.

Two hours later, a riot police van finally agrees on the track, pressed closely by a small van of civil aviation. 5 men come out under police escort. Dark skin, wrapped up in down jackets. One of them holds a small blue plastic bag in hand, as a bundle. After a quick passage through the PAF offices, installed next to the track, without pap ‘boarded the small plane. Before taking off, a policeman gets mad and takes witness to the few customers only cafe of the aerodrome:

“You see this [pointing the finger at the plane, note] is that our tax expense. There is no point. They are sent to the other end of France. But at the other end of France, the judge will not expel them. ”

After several weeks of investigation, it is a grotesque system StreetPress reveals. A system that mobilizes dozens of police officers across France, many migrants move without reason and only stir the air. Literally, since these transfers are made ​​through a private jet leased 1.5 million euros. Here Air History Without Pap ‘. …

Having learned nothing from the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the illegal immigrants are eventually released into the streets of France.


Image source: Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.