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Read ID Card with Gold Star RFID chip

Maggie’s Notebook by Maggie

Just like the Jews in Germany during World War II, the REAL ID will give us all a gold star in the corner of our document (but not our arms). Don’t bother telling me it’s not the same thing. I know the history well and unlike many, I don’t forget. I also know that those majorities who do forget history doom us all to repeat it. The REAL ID Act became Public Law 109-13 in May 2005. It became law without Congress voting on the issue of instituting a “REAL ID,” but rather voting to fund our military –– “emergency” legislation. The REAL ID Act was attached to a military spending bill. Before getting into how you receive a REAL ID and what it regulates, you need to know that whatever the form your state’s REAL ID takes, it will have a “chip” in it, “machine-readable technology,” otherwise known as RFID. The REAL ID Acts takes local control of your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue the driver’s license approved by the state, away and does what the federal government tells it to do. If Homeland Security can implement this law, (implementation has been set back numerous times –– but a serious push is on now) the two biggest issues, other than privacy, is your inability to enter federal buildings, nuclear sites, military installations and board commercial airlines. Can’t board a commercial airline? Now that’s serious. One other thing you need to know is that the REAL ID in no way enhances border security, lessens illegal alien crimes or illegal voting. REAL ID CANNOT be used to verify U.S. citizenship, and WILL NOT serve as a Voter ID. While a voter ID is decried as an enormous inconvenience, the REAL ID is plenty convenient, according to DHS…..

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