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Hillary Clinton speech to NEA edited


Washington Examiner by Brent Scher

The Democratic candidates for president have decided to ditch plans to participate in an education forum planned for later this month in Iowa, and the forum’s organizer says it is because the candidates fear backlash from teachers unions.

The forum was set to be hosted by the Seventy Four, a news organization launched earlier this year by Campbell Brown, an education reform advocate, to direct more attention towards critical education issues. It was going to be co-hosted by the Des Moines Register and the American Federation for Children….

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With it being election season, Progressive candidates once again electing to stand with the teachers’ unions have refused to publicly go on record unless, it’s of course, to voice their support of teachers’ unions as Hillary Clinton did earlier this week when she accepted the endorsement of the pro-Common Core National Education Association.

Brown wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post earlier this year in support of Common Core while at the same time accusing Republican Party 2016 presidential primary candidates of pandering.

It is worth noting that in July, Brown, husband, Dan Senor, an adviser under George W. Bush administration, attended a fundraiser for brother, Jeb.

So what is the problem? Because it is darn sure not about the children.