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Missouri Education Watchdog by Anne Gassel

I’m going to answer the question from today’s title right away. Yes.

Since the 1960’s the intellectual elite, who avoided the draft by hiding out in the university system, have sought to use higher education to promote their pacifist socialist ideology. Their trainees in turn became the trainers of the next generation of fresh young minds ready to absorb whatever they needed to in order to get the degree. Left out of this indoctrination system were America’s working class voters. The unions took care of many of those. But not everyone bought into the elite’s vision that they should control the whole system because they knew what was best for everyone else. There were still some who escaped the indoctrination of the intelligencia.

While not the entire reason we are seeing a push for everyone to go to college, this desire to subject as many future voters as possible to their ideological factory cannot be denied as a pillar of the post-secondary-degree-for-all campaign.

Common Core sets the foundation for this kind of “we’re all global citizens with responsibility for taking care of everyone else” mentality in K-12. This creates the “natural” view that everyone should be taught the same thing. The university system cements this vision in place by refusing to confer the papers necessary for employment (unless you start your own company), until the student can parrot back the “correct” common ideological answers.

There is just no data to support the need for 60+% of our K-12 graduates to go to college to get a degree. Still, parents feel the unrelenting push is to send their children there so they can get a job. They are hit constantly with the message that everyone’s goal is to make the child COLLEGE or career ready. No one from the Common Core camp has been able to satisfactorily explain how a single K-12 curriculum is going to prepare students for one and not the other outcome, so in essence we are preparing to catapult everyone into college while accepting that some just won’t quite make it over the wall….