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BEFUNKY screenshottheviewersviewreadingHillaryClintonandDemocratstheriotact

In their latest video entitled, “Hillary Clinton, here is the meaning of stoking Prejudice and Paranoia. Don’t get it twisted!”, Sisters Diamond and Silk aka the Stump for Trump Girls read not only Hillary Clinton but Clinton’s fellow DemocRATS the riot act…and it’s not pretty.

Published to YouTube on Oct 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton is making comments about Donald Trump when she should be making comments about herself, her husband and the Democratic Party

There are plenty of comments under the above video that shows how fed up Americans are with both parties.

One specific comment stood out which clearly confirms what I’ve been hearing all along, many Black Americans have had enough and are crossing the party line for Donald Trump.

BREAK THE CHAINS!! …..BREAK THE CHAINS!!….SEE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR WHAT THEY ARE…User’s of black people. The uncle that visits EVERY 4 YEARS!!