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When you’re running in the 2016 Republican Party presidential primary, as is John Kasich, as a spoiler and at the same time don’t stand a chance in h*** of doing the slightest bit of damage to any of your opponents, the only thing left to do is to shoot oneself in the foot.

Fire Andrea Mitchell

So far, there are two Republicans I will NOT vote for under any circumstances if they are the nominee in 2016. One is Jeb Bush. The other is this jackass John Kasich. While pandering to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, John Kasich said:

screesshot RINO John Kasich USHCC q and a forum

I mean, look at Medicaid expansion. You know how many people are yelling at me? I’ve gone to events where people yell at me. You know what? You know what I tell ‘em? I mean, God bless ‘em, I’m telling them a little bit better at this. I said, you know, there’s a book, it’s got a new part and an old part. They put it together. It’s a remarkable book. If you don’t have one, uh, I’ll buy you one. It talks about how we treat the poor. I mean, sometimes you just have to lead.

Kasich even compared to those against ObamaCARE aka ‘medicare expansion’ to fighting ISIS. Seriously.

Kasich went on to say “It’s like fighting ISIS, okay?” Leaders don’t let the yelling and the screaming determine their decisions, he said…..

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FYI: Kasich is polling this morning at 4%, which explains the bitterness, lunacy and desperation of the long-time RINO to twist scripture and bible verses to further the Progressive agenda and to rationalize why “stupid” Conservative voters are not buying his spiel (sarcasm). Nothing new for Progressives and Kasich is a habitual offender.