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screenshot Donald TrumpBy Walid Shoebat

Donald Trump says the United States should let Russia intervene in Syria all it wants. But Chris Christie is calling for a bigger U.S. role accusing Bashar Al-Assad of Syria of killing 300,000 people. While the media says that this is showing that a rift highlights internal divide within the GOP, truth is that this is not a GOP issue and this whole claim that ‘Bashar Al-Assad killed 300,000 people’ is a blatant a lie (which we will debunk later).

What Christie says is blatantly false. In all its midd-east policy, the United States, regardless if republican or democrat is in charge, politicians are usually in cahoots when it comes to the Middle East. They have always been on record to be in-line with their NATO ally….

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The Obama doctrine of leading from behind has screwed up the whole darn planet.