Common Core Dissent *NOT* Appreciated by Connecticut Police Officer


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Thomas Paine Quote The Duty of a Patriot

Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue

A dossier of sorts was compiled by a police officer on an Connecticut citizen organizing an anti-Common Core informational session. Maybe the police officer didn’t like that the dissenter is a Republican or is a ‘birther’. Is dissent by a citizen with such credentials considered patriotic or a threat to the State?

From Greenwich CT and Bob Horton: Police captain confused ‘service’ with ‘surveillance’:

‘One day in late August, local political activist Arthur “Cort” Wrotnowski placed flyers on car windshields in the Island Beach ferry parking lot, hoping to drum up a crowd that would listen to his take on the perils of the Common Core, the controversial federal and state educational reform initiative.

His flyers were not compelling enough to get people to give up the outdoors on one of the last beautiful Friday nights of the summer; only two people attended the early evening event at Town Hall on August 28. But the one-page notice did catch the eye of Greenwich Police Captain Mark Kordick, head of the Detective Division and an almost three-decade veteran of the force. He immediately drafted an email to School Superintendent William McKersie, informing the schools chief of the anti-Common Core meeting. That set off a chain of events that resulted Thursday in First Selectmen and Police Commissioner Peter Tesei starting an investigation into Captain Kordick’s behavior.

At issue in the investigation are questions about the proper role of police…

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This is not my America or the America I want for my grandchildren. Captain Kordick’s actions are in fact “surveillance,” i.e., “surreptitious monitoring” and a subtle form of bullying by an officer of the court.

I always suspected that Janet Napolitano’s “if you see something, say something” meme was shutting down voices of dissent from those who refuse to go along but going after someone because he or she is holding a forum on the perils of Common Core is an overreach and abuse of power.

Kordick’s rationalization of infringing upon Mr. Wrotnowski’s right of free speech and spying on his activities brings to mind DHS’ Lexicon of extremists dispatched years ago to law enforcement across the country.

It is madness.