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BEFUNKY HillaryClintonFundraiserhostedbyconvicteddrugdealer


Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser last week hosted by John A. Zaccaro, a drug felon convicted in 1988 of selling cocaine to an undercover police officer.

Formerly known “the pharmacist,” Zaccaro is also son of the late Geraldine Ferraro.

Washington Free Beacon by Brent Scher

Hillary Clinton spoke on the urgency of addressing drug abuse problems in the United States and also the need to reform the criminal justice system.

‘I have to tell you, I didn’t expect to be talking about [substance abuse] in my presidential campaign,’ Clinton said in private remarks at a fundraiser in New York last week. ‘In 2013, we had more deaths by overdoses than we did with car accidents….’

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Clinton’s attendance at the fundraiser of a convicted drug felon puts on display two things:

First, Progressives have no moral compass.

Second, the hypocrisy and double standard of Progressives who call for fair treatment, equality and leveling the playing field for the poor across the board.

The son of a former vice presidential candidate with friends in high places walked away with a four-month sentence that he served from a luxury apartment, 300 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine.

Due to the uproar that followed the sentence aka a walk in the park, Zaccaro, who was not a small time drug dealer, did not serve the “full four months of house arrest due to good behavior.”

Then 22 year old undercover police officer, Laura Manning, testified at the trial that when she went to make the drug purchase, Zaccaro pulled out “from under his couch a tray that contained about 15 packets of cocaine marked in¼-,½-and one-gram designations….”

Several electronic scales and other equipment often used by drug dealers were also found on the premises.

If Zaccaro who clearly received special treatment were a Black, Hispanic or poor white male arrested for the same offense, the system would have thrown the book at him.

Earlier this year when speaking on the death at a Columbia University forum on the criminal justice system, Clinton stated,

We have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance…. We need to restore balance to our criminal justice system….

Clinton not referring in her speech to “the pharmacist” was talking about the incarceration of Black males.

There is something profoundly wrong when African American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than are meted out to their white counterparts….

…They do have to be in some way registered in the criminal justice system, but we don’t want that to be a fast track to long-term criminal activity, we don’t want to create another ‘incarceration generation….’


Clinton is OUT OF TOUCH. Her remark will be seen by Black America as one of the problems since Black males starting at around the age of 13 (maybe younger these days because of gangs) suddenly find themselves in the site lines of the police state.

Don’t get nervous, I am not embarking on a Progressive rant.

What Clinton is advocating has been in place for as far back as most Blacks remember. It is called CARDING. My grandmother warned her sons, my mother warned my brother and I spoke to my son about his activities, rights, wrongs and CARDING made obtainable through commission of the most minor infraction by an individual.

While Progressives decry the incarceration of Black males, none will discuss CARDING but that’s another post.


….I’ve been encouraged to see changes that I supported as Senator to reduce the unjust federal sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine crimes finally become law.

And last year, the Sentencing Commission reduced recommended prison terms for some drug crimes….

Clinton who mentioned her awareness of the issue as a young attorney declared, “we don’t want to create another ‘incarceration generation;” however, CARDING and mass incarceration of the Black male for whatever reason was put into overdrive by hubby, BILL CLINTON, i.e., POTUS42.

It is Bill Clinton and Democrats who passed the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994” thereby bringing about the mass incarceration of “a generation of black men” referred to by Hillary as the “incarceration generation,” and the subject of which I will revisit at a later date should Clinton become the candidate of choice for the left.