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stump for trump girls switch to republican so they can vote for trump in primaries


Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson aka the Stump for Trump girls are doing more than talking the talk. These two ardent supporters of Donald Trump for president are walking the walk.

As can be seen in the following video, the sisters have switched from Democrat to Republican so that they can vote for Donald Trump in the primaries thereby debunking the mainstream media and establishment leadership propaganda about Trump supporters.

Published on YouTube Sep 21, 2015 by The Viewers View

Diamond and Silk will vote for Donald Trump in the primaries, we want him as the nominee and the front runner for president. Since the GOP and the media is against Donald Trump then we the American people will stand with Donald Trump #stump4trump

These two ardent supporters of Donald Trump for president are walking the walk and not afraid to put it out there so as they say in the video, “don’t get it twisted” GOP, this is not about you. It’s about Donald Trump.

While the mainstream media is loudly silent, the leadership of BOTH parties must be taking notice and sweating bullets; and judging from the comments beneath the video, they had better be.

The sisters are on a roll having now released their latest video which is a campaign urging Democratic voters to “‘DITCH AND SWITCH NOW’ to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican Party primaries.’”


#WakeUpAmerica. Something is in the air and it’s not a black thing, it is not a white thing.  It is not a Republican and it is not a Democratic thing.  It’s all about America and taking our country back from the buffoons in BOTH parties who got us into this mess.

As I have said for so long, walk away from the Democratic Progressive plantation.

Walk away from the Democratic plantation - brokenchainspixabaypublicdomain_Fotor


Check the ladies out at their links below:

Website: http://www.diamondandsilkinc.com/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/theviewersview
Twitter: @DiamondandSilk