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screenshot andrew cuom garey gabay's funeral


Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Andrew Cuomo wants everyone’s guns. He has made it almost impossible for a legal gun owner to defend himself or herself thanks to the New York SAFE Act. He now wants the same for everyone in the country and has called on Democrats in Congress to shut down the government until national gun laws are passed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a political speech as a eulogy at the service for his murdered aide Saturday. He compared his aide to Jesus Christ.

‘I never asked Pope Francis why Carey Gabay was taken, but then again over the past two days I heard the Pope repeatedly speak about a young man who grew up in poverty and raised himself up and lived a life of love and selflessness,’ Cuomo said. ‘A life too that was ended early….’

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Not only is it ironic, it is unfathomable that Andrew Cuomo would invoke the Pope, politics and gun legislation into one neat at Carey Gabay’s funeral.

Solely about politics and going on record (again), Gabay’s family or a representative should have shut the dog and pony show down long before Cuomo began his grandstand on the podium.

Allowing Marxist opportunists like Andrew Cuomo who is a horrible Catholic, cares nothing for the life of the unborn and is overwhelmingly silent on Black on Black crimes and homicide within the Black community itself to hijack their moments of grief and send off of a loved one is both a habit and problem with too many Blacks in America.

It is also the perfect example of the Progressive slave master taking ownership. (No disrespect to the Gabay family. Just calling it by its name.)

The truth is that Gabay was not the first Black to die because of Black on Black crime on the streets of New York during j’ouvert, goombay or whatever parade organizers have chosen to call it throughout the decades nor will Gabay will be the last.

Gabay just happened to die at the hands of a “bad guy” with a gun. Something that no amount of gun control will stop. The truth is with crime in the Black community, it could have been a machete, steel pipe, motor vehicle, etc.

However, it does pay to mention that diminishing the right to bear arms only exacerbates the problem and presents victims but like Black on Black violence and homicide, that is not a discussion Andrew Cuomo is willing to have.

Every week throughout New York State, Black bodies are hitting the pavement due to a never-ending Black on Black crime wave and just as Cuomo is silent about the murder of innocent babies in the womb, he is silent about the crime and homicide wave across the State.

Performance over with Cuomo once again on record for uttering the ridiculous having returned to his safe haven, Saturday’s circus is meaningless.

As for Carey Gabay and the family he has left behind, well the door is now open. Meet Andrew Cuomo’s latest props.