Benjamin Carson, Anaheim CA Campaign Rally (screenshot)

Benjamin Carson, Anaheim CA Campaign Rally (screenshot)

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s spoke at a rally last week before a crowd of 6500 in Anaheim, California. To hear Carson speak is to know why he’s gaining such momentum amongst Americans.


On Friday September 11, Carson took questions from the media during a televised press conference in which he addressed the Black Lives Matter meme versus the fact that All Lives Matter.

Carson put emphasis on the rights and life of the unborn, race in America and other issues that concerned Americans.

When questioned about remarks about Carson from Donald Trump, Carson called out the mainstream media for attempting to stoke the fires of rage between himself and Donald Trump and informed the media of his refusal to engage in mudslinging with Trump, i.e., a sentiment expressed by Carson the prior evening during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on the O’Reilly Factor. See videos below.


Finally, Benjamin Carson’s appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation which aired this past Sunday (09132015).

Clearly, there is a reason that Carson is surging. Looking forward to tonight’s debate on CNN.