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Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks of Missouri shot and killed by law enforcement Monday morning after pumping multiple shots Sunday night into rookie Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder killing 31-year old the state trooper.

Johnson-Shanks, age 25, it turns out was a supporter of Black Lives Matter who went by the pseudonym “Jay MileHigh” on Facebook.

Pursuant to his now removed Facebook page, Johnson-Shanks was quite active on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014 going so far as to attend Brown’s funeral and burial.

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UPDATE – It’s Confirmed – it’s the same guy, he was deeply involved in the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent protests, riots, looting, arson, etc. and even attended the funeral and graveside services for Michael Brown.


Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks aka Jay MileHigh Missouri supporter of Black Lives Matter and Michael Brown Facebook 002

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks at Michael Brown's burial

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks at Michael Brown’s burial

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks aka Jay MileHigh Missouri supporter of Black Lives Matter and Michael Brown Facebook 003

Joseph Johnson Shanks is “Jay MileHigh” the BLM Activist….

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How peculiar is it that the task of scrubbing social media and the internet of all things Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks aka Jay MileHigh was imperative and such a priority.


Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks aka Jay MileHigh Missouri supporter of Black Lives Matter and Michael Brown Facebook 004

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks aka Jay MileHigh Missouri Michael Brown's funeral Facebook 005


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On Sunday night shortly after 10 p.m., Kentucky Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, age 31, stopped a vehicle on Interstate 24 and upon the findings that Johnson-Shanks had a suspended driver’s license offered to arrange motel accommodations for the occupants of the vehicle for the night including Johnson-Shanks.

Johnson-Shanks’ response was to gun the accelerator initiating a high-speed chase that ended after Johnson-Shanks brought the vehicle to a sudden stop causing Trooper Ponder to crash into the rear of Johnson-Shanks’ vehicle.

According to reports, it was at this point that Johnson-Shanks leaned out of his vehicle and began firing multiple shots into the trooper’s vehicle killing Trooper Ponder. Johnson-Shanks next move was to flee on foot into the woods nearby leaving his occupants, two women and two children behind.

Kentucky State Police issued the following alert on their website and across social media.

Kentucky State Police Alert in shooting ot Trooper Ponder

Shortly after 7 a.m., law enforcement spotted Johnson-Shanks in the woods and still in possession of his firearm. According to police, Johnson-Shanks was shot after failed to heed orders to drop his firearm and aiming it at law enforcement. Johnson-Shanks died about an hour later.


Kentucky State Police Apprehension of cop killer

Later in the day, police arrested Johnson-Shanks eighteen year old niece, Ambrea R.J. Shanks charging her with, “first-degree hindering prosecution or apprehension,” a Class D Felony. [NOTE: Ambrea Shanks’ social media pages (twicsy: @pretty_dopebre) appears to have been meticulously scrubbed as well. Police released the other occupants of the vehicle.

Kentucky Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, a U.S. Navy veteran from Rineyville, Kentucky had just graduated on January 2015 from KSP Training Academy.