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The Glittering Eye by Dave Schuler

I didn’t want to let this go by without comment. At National Interest Ted Galen Carpenter muses over whether China’s economic slowdown might encourage its leaders to foment a war:

‘China’s leaders likely feel increasingly uncomfortable. The implicit bargain that has been in place since the onset of market-oriented reforms in the late 1970s has been that if the public does not challenge the Communist Party’s dominant political position, the Party will deliver an ever-rising standard of living for the people. The bloody Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 was a graphic reminder of what happens if the Party’s position is challenged. However, until now, the economic portion of the bargain seemed secure, characterized by breathtaking, often double digit, rates of growth. It is uncertain what happens if the Party can no longer maintain its part of the implicit bargain, but it is likely that a dangerous degree of public discontent will surface….

Just for grim fun let’s list some of the places where a major war might break out. It could be deliberate…

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