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Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, (R-Va) - screenshot

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, (R-Va) – screenshot

Virginia Right by Tom White

Our former do nothing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who whined and cried because he was afraid to face Ken Cuccinelli in a Convention and even considered a third party run (like Donald Trump has considered) has unfriended me on Facebook.

I was quite surprised it took him so long because he has been purging Conservatives from his page for quite a while. I guess he finally got around to purging me. Most of my friends had already been purged by Billy Boy.

Of course this is part of the GOP War on Conservatives raging in Hanover County, Va. Nancy Russell had no problem with Bill Bolling supporting an Independent against a Republican in the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney race 4 years ago and couldn’t wait to consider Bolling a member again without a vote. And certainly without mentioning his name. She didn’t want to embarrass the poor boy. Although I recall very well the vitriolic diatribe that then Hanover Republican Committee Chairman Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Shultz” Wiecek went on at a Committee meeting when another member of the committee, Nathan Cox, supported a candidate running against then Congressman Eric Cantor….

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