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Screen FYOFLAG 911 CENSOREDBreitbart by Lee Stranahan

Members of the Black Lives Matter splinter group Fuk Yo Flag are threatening violence on September 11 in videos and blog posts.

After posting a recent video that called for “open season on killing white people and cops,” a man who identifies himself as “King Noble, Black Supremacist” has put out another bizarre, expletive-laced video where he delivers a monologue of his contempt for both the American and Confederate flags, which he claims are symbols of oppression.

The video begins with Noble saying:

The orders have just come down from the head organizer of #FYF911 movement from Palmetto Star — the ratched revolutionary, too raw for TV — the order has come down to reveal the secret locaiton of FYF mobilization….

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George Soros’ house slaves, Black Lives Matter splinter group F*** YoFlag and other Black extremists linking up and calling for violence against Caucasians along with the burning of a Confederate Flag on Stone Mountain, Georgia September 11 on the fourteenth anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks are fully aware that such actions will not go ever well.

Having crossed the line, these Black terrorist organizations need Black martyrs as validation of their cause; the younger the better which is why they are framing their September 11 assault at Stone Mountain on their Facebook page, as a family day event.



More proof that Black lives do not matter. Instead, these terrorists chalk the bodies of dead Blacks up to nothing more than collateral damage as Black activists did in the 60’s and 70’s.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE while at the same time planting seeds of hate for the future.

For the record, various law enforcement agencies nationwide have issued a BOLO (Be on the lookout) alerts based on terrorist threats issued by Black terrorist organizations. See: Police Announce Alerts as Black Lives Matter Calls for Killing Cops on 9/11