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Honorable Vance D. Day, Circuit Court Judge, Marion County (2008 RNC, Phoenix)

Honorable Vance D. Day, Circuit Court Judge, Marion County (2008 RNC, Phoenix)

An Oregon circuit judge is under fire for refusing to perform same-sex marriages based on his religious beliefs.

Marion County circuit court judge, Judge Vance Day, a former chair of the Oregon Republican Party under attack is being accused of discrimination in that he performed heterosexual marriages.

Day is alleged to have instructed his staff to (a) “inform couples that the judge will not perform same-sex marriages”; and (b) “refer same-sex couples to other Marion County judges willing to issue them a marriage license.”

In another example or religious persecution in America, Judge Day’s decision based on his faith has led to an ethics investigation by the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness.

Oregon Live

Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day, a former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, took steps Thursday to create a legal defense fund in an apparent response to his decision not to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Day took action because of what he described as “deeply-held religious beliefs,” KGW reported.

“It’s an exercise of his religious freedom rights under the First Amendment,” Day spokesman Patrick Korten told the news station.

In recent months, Day has not performed any marriage ceremonies, KGW reported. His courtroom is in Salem….

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