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Dear Mr. Trump, look, we’re not smart – we just know the game, we’ve studied it for years.  As such we are able to predict the moves of the players before they visibly display them.

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Politics is an industry, a business – an old business; and like all industries there are leaders within that industry who are more influential than others.   Those leaders or industry directors follow the same playbook whenever their grip on political power is threatened.

Right now the directive is to gather information to use against the vulgarian insurgency. In politic-speak it’s called “opposition research”.  Part of the needed data is to collect “soundbites” that can be used to attack the insurgency in the field of public media consumption.

We already know the Jeb Bush Super-PACs are planning to deluge the electorate with anti-Trump messaging within the next several weeks.  Candidate Donald Trump has forewarned his supporters of the impending storm.   However, if we are going to cut it down to brass tacks, it must be accepted the RNC is part of the apparatus that benefits from the removal of Trump….

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It was at this same time in 2011 that the Republican establishment began its war against Conservative primary candidates to eliminate them from the 2012 election season.

Here we are four years later and the first candidate in the GOP leadership’s crosshairs is Donald Trump.

Enter the Progressive media from both sides.

The rationale behind CNN and the RNC’s sudden turnaround to allow Carly Fiorina to debate is so clear.

Fiorina will show her appreciation by going for Trump’s jugular.  The problem with her doing so and she will is that karma is a b-i-o-t-c-h.  Whether or not Fiorina is successful, she too will find herself in the crosshairs of the GOP leadership targeted.

Call it pay to play. I prefer to call it by its name, i.e., an elimination process to bring about an end manufactured by the GOP leadership and their donors.

And so it has begun.  Right on time, like clockwork EXACTLY as the GOP leadership did back in 2011.